Group: term group case study


.1 A list of participating and non-participating student names. And screen shots evidencing compliance by each student with the Group Work Assignment Guidelines & Requirements noted above.

2. The analysis/report shall repeat and answer in detail each of the questions found at the end of the case study.

3. The references for each question/answer shall immediately follow each narrative before proceeding to the next question/answer.

4.  At least three (3) Three “External Authoritative Sources” in addition to the case study and textbooks are required for maximum points on EACH question/answer.

5. Each student “original post” in the group discussion board is required to include the following:

     5.1 repeat the question

     5.2 provide a detailed narrative substantively answering the question asked with at least 3 external authoritative sources cited

     5.3 references for sources cited in the narrative. Each reference shall include at a minimum the journal name and page numbers or publication information if a book

    5.4 proceed to the next question and proceed as stated in 5.1- 5.3 above until all questions are answered

6. Each issue, question, paragraph and sentence with a statistic, number or direct quote is required to contain at least one “External Authoritative Source” to support the statements and conclusions made therein.

7. A source and citation is required on each table/chart used.

8. A source cannot be referenced unless it was cited in the narrative answer.

9. The textbook from which the case study was published and the course text book must be cited just like any other source. It is not permissible to write “In the text book… or In the case study…”

  • Case Study In-Text Citation: (McAlearney and Kovner, 2013)
  • Case Study Reference: McAlearney, A. and Kovner, A. (2013). Health Services Management: Cases ; Readings ; and Commentary ; Tenth Edition. 10th ed. Arlington: AUPHA, pp._____.

10. Every “direct quote” in the narrative must include the page or paragraph number at the end of the citation.

11. It  is wrong/improper to place a citation/source at the end of a paragraph if material from the source appears before the last sentence in the paragraph.

12. “External Authoritative Sources” for purposes of this course shall mean: articles from published books, peer reviewed journal articles, education and government sites as well as non-partisan national or international organizations (such as WHO, UNICEF, UNAIDS etc) provided, however the article selected must have:

     12.1 Authors; and

     12.2 In text citations and references to support statements made therein.

      12.3 Under no circumstances are newspapers (e.g., the Wall Street Journal), blogs (regardless of source), editorials, panel discussions, definition of terms, the assigned case study, “dot com” sites, and text books from the course or other courses to be used. The foregoing are not considered authoritative for this course.

13. It is improper to place a citation in the middle of a sentence. One can lead with the source in the sentence but cannot use a citation within parenthesis except at the end of the sentence.

14.  It is recommended students review the adobe connect session with FIU Libraries and Writing Center on APA Style formatting and contact them personally if more assistance is needed.

15. Proper Submission Required: The assignment must be posted in the appropriate Assignment Folder.

16. Late submissions are not accepted.

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