Grant Application and cover letter

Below I have attached a Grant Application. With this application you will be required to make up a ficticious organization name and program in which the reason you are requesting funds for this grant. This needs to base around a non profit organiztion in which you will service the community, in Savannah, GA and surrounding counties. Provide details and be sure answer each question in detail and be clear. The type of services will be for Kinshipcare/Foster care (Family and Relative Support service) Please provide a mission statement, it needs to be clear and concise and straight to the point, identifying what and/or who are servicing. Please refer to the the attachment that I have attached for this assignment. For the cover letter that’s apart of the assignment, Please decribe your organization and include any highlights as to what makes your organization so unique. Please no plagiarism. THIS ASSIGNMENT IS 40% OF MY FINAL GRADE. Any questions that needs to be answered for understanding please do not hesitate to send a message, I will checking back periodically.
Files: bw9z9jq7fw.docx

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