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Share your response in a minimum of 175 words.

Companies use strategic plans as a course of action for success. Discuss the importance of employees knowing the strategic plan of their place of work.

Post replies (min 125 words) to Elyse and Antonio . Be constructive and professional.

Elyse post

Employees need to know the strategic plan of the workplace because it gives them a goal to work towards, which in turn impacts the success of the organization. The strategic plan provides direction for the workforce to reference when needing to improve production output and gives managers a way to track and monitor key performance indicators (KPI’s). Employees can also become self aware of their production, both quality and quantity, and holds employees accountable. When employees are informed of the organizations strategic plan, they may work together as a team and performance levels may improve, since everyone is working towards the same goal. Some may even provide input on how to create efficiencies in certain processes, as they are the ones performing them. With my current team, everyone is informed of the strategic plan and will even be involved in the planning process. During this step, they identify priorities, are able to reallocate resources (tools, equipment, people, etc.), and discuss potential challenges that may arise. They will then discuss possible deviations and back up plans in the event something doesn’t work out. Keeping the workforce in the know gives them a sense of purpose and encourages them to execute work functions as a team. 

Antonio post

Employee output can be considered the fuel that pushes an organization towards its mission and vision. As much as an organization needs to have a solid plan, and idea of how to reach their goals, it equally needs employees that are capable of putting those plans into action. Potentially the most important aspect of an employees work production efficiency comes from their clear understanding of their organizations strategic plan, and what their role is within said plan. As a strategic plan has many layers, involving many people, and a concise timeline in which goals are expected to be met, the success of the strategic plan is pivotal to growth of an organization. With each employee given specific duties within this framework, their understanding of expectations for the completion of their tasks, when other departments will be done with their tasks, what parameters must be followed, what assets are available/not available to them, etc. an employee needs a firm grasp of the strategic plan in order to meet the wants and needs of the organization from moment to moment.


Consider what you learned in the experience and respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Based on what you learned, how would you facilitate cross-team collaboration between the marketing management function and R&D teams at Lenovo?
  • How would you communicate about new features to customers?
  • How would you measure the success of the team?


Isabella  post

I would get both groups together to collaborate what it is that we need to market for R&D and what is our biggest strength and best chance to and value to our revenue but also to our customer and keep our brand name in good standing with customers and in a high profile healthy competition with our competitors.

TO give our customers our latest and greatest goods and services, we would reach out to our distributors and do a mass marketing in both our stand alone stores and also with our vendors who carry our goods and services and have a launch party in different regions to showcase our latest and greatest for our customers and to our customers.

The best way to measure success of any team to make sure that everyone is on the same page and always communicating. Everyone must have the same goal with attainability in sight. The best success is a good team that works hard and knows what is expended of each other and the team as a whole. A good team always knows their strengths and weaknesses and works to make sure that they are efficient and doing what is best for their team and the company as a whole, with the customer in mind. This to me is how I would measure a team success.

Theresa post

Base on what I learned cross team collaboration between the marketing management function and R & D teams at Lenovo is coming together to complete a common goal. Everyone sharing their ideas and agreeing who will be responsible for particular assignments to complete the task at hand. The team coming up with new and fresh ideas to compete with their competition. Communication is a major factor to have the goal executed successfully. Communicating new features to the customers would be great advertisement, through social media, a representative making rounds on college campuses and inviting the target age group to different events / research groups so they can try out the product. I would measure the success of the team by receiving feedback from the research group, sending out surveys to the customers who have came in contact with our product and our representatives. Inquiring with the research group if they like our new features that the team has develop and request feedback on the features they did not particular like and what they would like to see build into the product. 

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