Final Research Paper

You will choose a current drug and/or health issue/disparity/concern and identify what it the current form of “treatment’ (i.e. programs, interventions, policies, health care, organizations, etc.). This paper is worth 17pts. Please adhere to the following instructions:
Paper should contain: a) 7-12 pages of content (full pages of information); b) cover page (1 pg.); c) works cited page (1 pg.). Minimum number of pages = nine (9) pages. Maximum number of pages = 15 pages.
Include research from seven (7) scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles (you have access through the library’s website) — DO NOT USE WEB SOURCES.
Articles should be recent-within the past 5yrs — 2012-2017 (unless an older article is critical to the importance of the paper).
APA format should be used (refer to resource on eCourses) — double spaced; 1 in margins; 12pt font in Times New Roman, Cambria, or Ariel; correct use of headings and sub-headings, etc.
The paper should be structured in the following manner (these are the headings for each section):
Section 1: Explain the issue/disparity/concern
Who/what is affected?
Why is it a concern?
What areas/institutions of society are affected? (i.e. education, sports, political/government, healthcare, family, levels of income/social class, etc.)
Section 2: What does the research state?
Summarize the information you have found – This can be organized by article
Section 3: Conclusion
Give overview of all findings
Give your own opinion regarding previous information
What are the steps to moving forward regarding this manner?

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