Education j jordan assignment 1


Athletic Director: Hey I’m glad to see you. Time to get started on our journey  to improve our athlete’s performance through diet. Our athletes eat  whatever they want, whenever they want. Little scary, huh? Especially if  you believe nutrition plays a role in an athlete’s performance. So this  week, you are going to evaluate the diet of one team. I’ll let each  coach tell you more.

Coach Speedy: I hear a lot of my athletes like to eat protein. They say it will help build muscle,  and they think more muscle will help them run faster. They also enjoy  pasta about three days before a meet. I’m not sure this is best for  them.

Coach Power:  My guys and gals pour on the protein because they swear it builds  muscle. Boy, many are exhausted before the end of their workout. Why  can’t they make it through the workout? I know, we need more protein!

Coach Combo:  Last Saturday’s game was a disaster. My guys had leg cramps by  half-time. I tell you, they drink lots of Gatorade to stay hydrated, but  this did not prevent cramping. They also eat lots of protein to bulk  up. We need muscle and pounds to take on the other football teams in our  conference. I am not getting the 110% I need.

Athletic Director:  Okay, now you have heard from each coach. Time to get going on your  assignment. For this assignment, if your name last name starts with the  A-H, you will help out Coach Speedy and evaluate a sample diet from the  Cross-Country team. If your last name begins with I-P, you will analyze a  sample diet from Coach Power’s weight lifting team. Finally, if your  last name starts with the letter Q through Z, you are going to  evaluate a sample three-day diet from one of our football players that  play for Coach Combo. Several files are attached to this assignment for  each Coach. Each file contains a three-day diet. Pick one of the files for your Coach and analyze it.

You will use Cronometer  to analyze the athlete’s diet. Enter an athlete’s profile that you  think is reasonable for that sport. You will enter the foods the player  ate into the diet analysis program. 

Once  you entered all the foods into Cronometer, you will get an analysis of  the diet. Screenshot the diet analysis and submit it with your answer to  the questions below.

Then, write and submit your response to these questions. Your report should be at least 250 words and written in Word.

  1. Which nutrients were less than 100% of the DRI goal?
  2. What  changes would you suggest to increase the nutrients in yellow to green?  Be specific. Do not just state you would increase the amount of the  foods already present in the athlete’s diet. Add new foods.
  3. What role did physical activity level play in the player’s dietary plan?
  4. How much water did the athlete consume? Did it meet the target?

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