Dnp- 802 role development | Nursing homework help

I need this in 600 words. I also need multiple resources to answer the questions, with in-text citations of all resources used. Resources must also be within the last 5 years.


Choose 2 of the following topical areas to address:

1. How do you integrate theory and science into EBP?

2. What are effective leadership characteristics? 

3. What is Systems Thinking and how does it relate to Leadership in Advanced Practice?

4.  In  Zaccagnini, the reader is presented with brief summaries of 18 theories of nursing.  Choose one that may underpin your nursing practice and describe why that theory supports your practice or choose another theory/model that you currently use or would like to implement in your setting. 

5. Does theory  relate or contribute anything to daily practice?  In what ways might you use theory in practice? 

6.  In what ways might you use theory in practice? 

7. Discuss the benefits, concerns, and challenges of the systems approach as it relates to the multiple dimensions of a health care system. Please share an example of systems thinking or transformational leadership that you have seen in practice.

8.  What leadership styles do you think you will most likely adopt as a DNP graduate, when engaged in a leadership role? Why?

9. Do you face conflict or avoid it?  How do you gain experience in feeling comfortable addressing conflict in the workplace?

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