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Although I have not used CAD since I was  in high school about 20 years ago, I remember that there are tons of  benefits of CAD software. It looks like it has come a long way since  then though. It can be used to design 2D drawings and 3D models with  precise measurements. Many industries utilize CAD every single day,  including engineering, industrial design, architecture, and product  design.  

CAD software allows designers to increase  productivity with lower production costs, work faster and smarter, and  ultimately leads to quicker project completion while keeping teams  smaller. The designer no longer must completely start over just because  they make one mistake. On the same note, if the design does not function  as expected, they can simply alter it instead of starting over. CAD  drawings can also be clearer and easier to read than traditional pencil  and paper drawings.  

CAD software can also produce  aesthetically pleasing models that can be used by other departments,  including marketing and sales, without spending money on a prototype.  This software also makes it easy to share work between team members and  view design history for collaborating, there is even cloud-based  software that is increasingly popular so work can be accomplished  anywhere with a network connection. Based on my research, CAD software  has a lot of new features that I am excited to learn about. 


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