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“Solving Problems as an Agile Coach”  Please respond to the following:•Review the information in Sections 3.04 to 3.26 of Module 3 in MindEdge, Imagine that you are an agile coach. Recommend two (2) actions that you could take in order to monitor and control the major risks for a project. Suggest the significant manner in which you would use value stream analysis to identify waste and optimize project delivery. •Imagine that you work for a midsized organization as a project manager. Propose the manner in which you would utilize the twelve (12) principles described in the textbook to solve two (2) common workplace conflicts. Justify your response.”Coach as Conflict Navigator” Please respond to the following:• Describe two (2) conflicts that you have observed in your current or previous place of employment. Determine the level of these conflicts, and suggest two (2) actions that an agile coach should take in response to these conflicts.•Suggest three (3) actions that an agile coach can take in order to avoid misunderstanding buildup among team members. Include at least two (2) examples to justify your response.

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