Creating a slidedoc on a wall street journal which has quantitative

Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade. Access the Duarte resources that are available through the hyperlinks provided in the prior Background Information. Obtain a good understanding of Slidedocs, to include their purpose, the various design options, and the protocols for designing and developing a quality data story. Locate and download a current Wall Street Journal article that reports on a current business situation. The story should include both qualitative and quantitative data that will lend itself to this activity. Framework: Frame your content in ways that demonstrate a scholar-practitioner approach.(PDF document) Create a Slidedoc presentation that shares the data story of the business scenario from the Wall Street Journal article. Include 5 to 8 slides that have a good blend of both narrative and quality graphics that are mostly original to you. A title slide and a References slide are required in addition to content slides. Be creative. Experiment. Include sources, links, pictures, figures, tables, and more along with your narrative to provide an evidence-based approach. Format with a good balance of narrative, graphic illustration, and white space.  Edit to ensure the correct use of grammar, mechanics, and APA, as applicable. Cite all graphic material (e.g. tables, figures, pictures) using APA formatting. Submit the Slidedoc presentation by the end of Week Five. Also upload the Wall Street Journal article that is foundational to the Slidedoc. 

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