Configuration and Troubleshooting Guide

You have been tasked with creating an overall LAN/WAN Configuration and Troubleshooting Guide for a medium-sized business with locations as follows:Location 1, New York State – 100 usersLocation 2, Pennsylvania – 200 users, servers that host email, collaboration tools, and the ERP/CRM systemLocation 3, California – 50 usersAll with the capability to work from homeYou will create a portion of this guide each week with the final documents due in Week Five.For Week Two, write a 2- to 3-page summary of your WAN configuration using Microsoft® Word. Be sure to include:A list of all the protocols you would recommend. Accurately describe at least three.An accurate description of how using MPLS in a network would be different from traditional network designsTools you could use to troubleshoot your WAN. Accurately describe at least two that will allow you to troubleshoot efficiently.How you would enable internet connectivity for the organization. Make sure your choices are logical and defensible.

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