Book review 2 | Management homework help

 This assignment is worth 80 points. The written communication grading rubric is available online on the
course site.
To complete this assignment, read the one of the books that Dr. Zhang approved at the start of the course.
You may choose to organize your paper based upon book chapters, major topics covered, or any other format
that makes sense based upon the information presented in the book. Contact Dr. Zhang if you are unsure as
to how you would like to structure your paper.
Your case study should be a minimum of 5 pages, 1-inch margins, Times New Roman font, double spaced with
page numbers at the bottom. A cover page is not required, so please be sure to include your last name in the
header for each page. Please review the “20 Common Writing Errors” sheet to avoid losing points for
grammatical mistakes. 

there was no pdf of the book, so I purchased it off amazon kindle and screenshot the pages. i link them below.

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