Argument analysis (first draft) | English homework help

3-4 page mla style, begins with an objective 150-word or less summary of the attached argument 


analyses author’s use of rhetorical strategies and illustrates with consideration given to the rhetorical situation, how these choices contribute to the overall effectiveness of the argument


1 – 150 word or less summary of author’s argument

2 – thesis statement that reveals the strategies you intend to focus on, the audience the author is targeting, the author’s purpose and thesis, and your own judgement of the effectiveness of the argument. 

e.g. [the author], in Argument analysis (first draft) | English homework help, uses [these tools] to successfully/unsuccessfully [the purpose] [the audience] that [the argument]

3 – a critical analysis of the author’s rhetorical choices and an illustration of how these choices contribute to the overall effectiveness of the argument. your analysis should provide specific evidence from the text (cited by paragraph) and demonstrate awareness of the rhetorical situation.


no outside sources

this is a response to the topic, analysing author’s use of strategies, not arguing for/against his or her main point

not an analysis limited to discussion of ethos pathos logos or a simple paraphrase of the article

Critical analysis!


(stated explicitly or implicitly? where? effect on the overall argument? any points omitted that should be discussed?)



Methods of argument (analogy, cause and effect, description, narration, illustration, compare/contrast, definition, etc. how effective are they?)

Appeals (reason, emotion, both? does he/she use statistics and intrepret fairly? quote authorities chosen carefully? demonstrates good knowledge of the subject?)

Elements of Style (fallacies, figurative language, repetition, diction, rhetorical questions? what effect do they have on the argument?)

Organization of the text (

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