150 words with reference Folks

150 words with reference
As we can see from our readings, animated films have played quite a significant role in terms of alternatives to Hollywood. At least as it regards outside of this country. In this country when we think of animation, we tend to think of Disney (historically) and Pixar (much more recently). Add to that, the fact that these movies are for the most part, geared towards children.
But what about the sorts of animated films that are not geared towards young audiences? What is the potential of these animated films in terms of narratives, thematic subject matter, etc.?
To get some ideas, I have linked a few animation shorts from our favorite Short of the Week website:
There are plenty more (go to the website, and click your way to the animation channel)!
So, what are animated films capable of doing? As an alternative to Hollywood (even Disney and Pixar)?
Ideas? Thoughts?
DISCUSSION 2 150 words with reference makeup a title for each essay
Yes, there certainly has been a… big push… recently… in terms of females as the leading heroes in the movies. And, perhaps, this move is indicative or reflective of changes in the culture.
However, as could be pointed out, these changes are not recent. Rather, I would say that the glut of movies with females as heroes has slowly been building up. Let us consider the Aliens franchise, with Ripley. Here is a series of movie that has always depicted the woman as the ultimate bad-ass… all men cower and falter, she does not. Not to mention, as well, that the monster also happens to be female. Many of the female as hero led franchises of late have been great, but with the exception of the Hunger Games movies, all these female heroes have had to be defined by… a love interest. Almost, as if to say, that you can’t be a real woman if there ain’t a big strong man to hold you tight and safe.
This is almost ironic, really, given that most male heroes are also defined by the female love interest. Again, as if to say, you can’t be a real man if there ain’t a beautiful supportive woman to be there for you at the end.
Still, despite this being defined by the opposite sex, the many examples provided in this thread demonstrate that women heroes don’t really need a man, that they can be a real woman by the simple virtue of being a strong bad-ass woman.
Ideas? Thoughts?
DISCUSSION 3 150 words with title and reference
Discuss the classic cinema of Hollywood by Corrigan and White

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