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 Hey class,

For this discussion, I had a very interesting topic to talk about. I tried to think of what kinds of products banks sell, but the only thing that came to me was that they provide debit and credit cards in conjunction with their banking services to both people and companies. The banking and finance industry is always undergoing change and continues to market their services to the public. A significant number of these financial institutions have promoted their products and services to other companies. Customers are given the opportunity to sign up for store credit cards at a variety of establishments, including Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, TJ Maxx, Ross, Best Buy, Amazon, and Carter’s, amongst a great number of others. 

Customers have the ability to make purchases, and upon registration, they are eligible for discounts of up to sixty percent on their first purchase and many times don’t have to pay at that moment. In addition to this, several of these credit cards enable clients to build up points and rewards that may later be used for discounts. Banks opened up many doors of opportunity not only for themselves but also for the retailing business, who they partnered with, and for customers. It is fascinating to see how marketing has been planned around the use of these cards. You may also notice little posters or banners at the checkout areas, or doorways, and in online checkeout carts, as well as ads advertising the card. Cashiers will offer to sign up or use the card with every client, and they will generally try to market it as well.



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