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Instructions: Discuss the following below.

Case Study: Choose Your CGI

Darius is the project manager of a Web development team for a mid-size corporation. The
team needs to choose a CGI technology for the company’s new primary Web site. Darius
must write the recommendation that upper management will review in deciding whether
to approve funds.

In creating a short summary of the project, Darius asked his team members to help
answer the following questions:

  • Do any developers in the company know common CGI technologies?
  • What operating systems are currently in use in the company? (by percentage, such as 50 percent Windows, 30 percent Linux, 20 percent Solaris)
  • What operating systems are ideal for this project?
  • What Web servers are ideal for this project?

Darius learned that the company’s computer environment was almost completely
Windows-based. Also, several members of the Web development team knew how to use
VBScript and had experience using Active Server Pages (ASP). Although ASP is an older
Microsoft technology (.NET is newer and more versatile), the Web development team
recommended ASP as the best choice.

As Darius’ team made their choice, they considered the importance of using client-side
technologies such as JavaScript. However, they also considered that some browsers do
not support JavaScript, and that some users may deactivate JavaScript in their
browsers, which could cause Web pages to render differently and disappoint some site
visitors. After some deliberation, Darius and his team decided to use server-side
technology (specifically ASP) for all applications.

* * *

As a class, consider this scenario and discuss the following points:

  • Would Darius’ team have chosen the same CGI technology if the computer environment had been mostly Linux? What might they have chosen instead?
  • If Darius’ team had chosen a client-side technology, what steps could they have taken to improve accessibility?


Minumin of 250 word and  one source recited APA


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