Recommend at least two ways to foster motivation and authentic learning opportunities for students taking online courses in your current workplace or planned workplace. Provide a rationale for your recommendations.
From the first e-Activity, review different ways online quality assurance programs are ensuring quality online learning experiences.
1st e-Activity
Search the Internet for at least two effective evaluation and quality assurance methods used by K-12 systems (K-12 virtual high schools), colleges, and universities (online courses and / or corporate programs) to ensure quality e-Learning experience. For example: Badrul Khan designed a Web-based framework to help online programs in the design and development of high-quality e-Learning learning environments located at: https://webserver.ignou.ac.in/institute/STRIDE_Hb8_webCD/STRIDE_Hb8_Full.pdf. Read Chapter 5 on p. 42. Be prepared to discuss

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