Unix, linux – background processing, cron, and at commands

 In my final tutorial I will discuss process management and the following resources in which process consist of job control functions that were first introduced by the C-shell, but later became implemented into modern UNIX systems, including how jobs that run in the background enable a user to enter commands, while a job is running in the background. In other areas we will look at the Linux operating system, which is both a multi-tasking and multi-user environment and has special background processes known as daemons that reside in both the Linux and UNIX systems, while daemons run in the background or foreground as we will examine. Throughout the UNIX like (OS) there is a process known as zombies that don’t disappear when a task is completed they reside in what is called the process table after an execution; our team will provide information on how to remove a zombie off the system. Other process commands that are utilized in both a UNIX like system and UNIX system; such as, security mechanisms’ that may either send signals to various processes or kill signals will be elaborated on.  This week’s information on utilities of UNIX/Linux systems known as process handling commands will display how different processes can be combined acting as a task manager using a ps (process status) and kill command. In closing, I will look at Background processing, cron, and at commands applications that are popular on the Linux operating system. 

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