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Your poster is the final assignment for the lab section of the course. It’s meant to be an opportunity to demonstrate the research skills you’ve built or enhanced in this course. This assignment is meant to offer some feedback on your plans before you get too far down the road. Moreover, when you’re done with this assignment, you’ll also have a solid outline for your poster.

Please submit a document that addresses the following points:

(1) Who is working on your poster? Solo or Duo?

(2) Explain how your topic relates to the ecological literature. Use at least one source from the peer-reviewed literature (reviews ok).

(3) What is your main question or hypothesis? It can be one you’ve invented or one that you’ve found in the literature (eg, keystone predation). Think hard to ensure that your question is one that your data can actually address.

(4) What dataset(s) are you using for your poster? Are you using all the data, or just certain sites or species? Why did you make those choices? Please name the dependent and independent variables of interest and any analysis you intend to use.

(5) Make a mock figure that would illustrate your main result. You can just draw fake data points, bars, or whatever for this assignment. Label the axes and legend as if it were going onto your poster. Indicate if these results would support your hypothesis or a null hypothesis or what.

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