Strategy & structure | Human Resource Management homework help


Respond to each of the questions below. 

  1. How would you go about gathering data to conduct a design assessment an organization you work for or have worked for?
  2. We have discussed at length the idea that the organization’s strategy needs to be reflected in or translated to its structure. What happens when the structure is inconsistent with the strategy? Can you imagine an example of how that might happen? What symptoms might you see as an employee or leader in that organization of an inconsistent link between strategy and structure?
  3. Many of the structure decisions presented in this chapter follow trends, where the pendulum might swing from one extreme to the other, such as from narrow to wide span of control or from centralization to decentralization. Why do you think this is the case? Have you seen this pendulum swing happen in your own experiences?

Submission Instructions:

  • Your initial post should be 100-200 words per question, formatted and cited in current APA style.
  •  use literature where possible. 
  •  Please post your initial response by 9:00 PM ET Thursday