“social security and medicare” | English homework help

Go to the American Academy of Actuaries Website’ and play The Social Security Game, located at http://www.actuary.org/content/play-social-security-game. The goal of the game is to create a financial reform package aimed at keeping Social Security solvent. In order to solve the financial problem, you must create reform package that totals 100%. Click the Continue button to begin. Be sure to record the following items below and be prepared to discuss.

◦Record the individual changes that that you selected to “fix social security”
◦Record the percent of the problem that your selections solved

list (1) each change that you selected to fix social security and (2) the percent of the problem that your selections solved. Of your selected changes, identify the change that you believe will play the greatest role in fixing social security and explain why.

•Give your opinion on whether health care should be something that can be excluded from being consumed. Additionally, take a position on whether or not the government should be responsible for supplying health care in the economy.

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