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Loving Support Essay

It is a truism that a loving, supportive home environment pays dividends in a child’s development. The same is likely true in a school setting; students who believe that their teachers and the school care about them will likely have a closer connection to the school and have more positive feelings about the school.

In a two- to five-page paper (not including the title and reference pages) use the Jeynes article (specifically pages 9-18) as well as three additional scholarly sources (not including your textbook), cited and referenced in APA style, to describe the idea of a loving, supportive school environment through addressing the following: 

  • Describe a loving, supportive school environment from the point of view of both student and teacher. 
  • Describe the parental role in helping to create a loving, supportive school environment.
  • Describe the benefits of this environment to the student’s academic, physical, and social development.

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