Response to small group discussion

1-1 Small Group Discussion: Identifying a Policy (Round One) 

This is a group activity.

Find at least one interesting example of a policy in your (local) area that is intergovernmental in nature (i.e., it reflects local, state, or federal government relations around an issue). Share your ideas and receive feedback in a small group. In your post, include the following:

– A brief overview of the policy?

– A brief description of the branches of government involved in the policy?

– The current status of the policy?

– Sources and resources available to research this policy?

– Why this particular issue is of interest to you?

Group 2 discussion

Dwayne Bowser posted Jun 9, 2022 3:44 PMto Group 2

The policy I will be covering is PICA. PICA stands for Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority. 

PICA was started in 1991 in order to aide the City of Philadelphia in overcoming an extreme financial crisis. PICA’s role, a combination of cooperation, assistance and oversight was determined to be of vital importance in both a financial and political sense. PICA was designed to be a catalyst in the City’s re-evaluation of the role and priorities of municipal government.

The branch of government that is involved in PICA is the Legislative. The legislators are responsible for helping the city of Philadelphia address the issue of extreme poverty in creating PICA. 

The current status is that there is a decision to be made on whether state agency should oversee city government’s finances. 

Phila.Gov website and PICAPA.Org will be the resources and other articles to have an update on this particular policy.

This policy interests me because I have so much pride and love for the city of Philadelphia. Although I love my city, Philadelphia has a high poverty rate and there are very few financial resources. The poverty rate I believe also has to do with the crime rate going on in Philadelphia. 

Brief, I (2020, January 7)

N.d, n.a (

In your responses to classmates, provide feedback on their ideas. Do the policies they have identified involve intergovernmental relations at multiple levels? Does it seem that there are sufficient resources to be able to conduct thorough analyses of the policies? Do you have any additional information, resources, or connections that would help with their analyses?

For this discussion, respond to each member of your small group.

For your response posts, you must do the following:

– Post one to three paragraphs.

– Demonstrate more depth and thought than simply stating “I agree” or “You are wrong.”

– Consider content from other parts of the course where appropriate. Use proper citation methods for your discipline when referencing scholarly or popular sources.

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