Qualitative and quantitative research | Nursing homework help


 Qualitative and quantitative research both provide essential information in nursing and evidence-based practice. Quantitative research is scientific, objective, and expressed in numbers, while qualitative is more subjective and descriptive. Qualitative research describes how patients feel and what is observed. Qualitative research provides a form of “truth” and proof that answers certain questions (Mateo, 2013). Observing patients and understanding how they are feeling and what they are experiencing is very important to apply to evidence-based practice. For example, evidence-based medications and treatment may be declined by a patient. Instead of listing the patient as non-compliant, qualitative research can enlighten physicians as to why they are not taking their medications. Suppose the medication is making them sick or makes them unable to function at an acceptable level. Qualitative research may show patients taking “x” medication have these reactions based on the studies. Therefore, the medication regimen can be changed or addressed differently. There are important pieces of data to be collected through qualitative research. This type of research answers the questions unable to be represented by statistics, measurements, or numbers. 

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