Problem identified | Human Resource Management homework help


Read Attached Case. Problem Identified. 

Submission Instructions:

Explain this solution:  Raise the current nurses’ salaries up to Market Level. 

· In this case, the current nurses starting was $25,000 a year. The new hires starting salaries are $38,000 a year.

* Explain why the company should raise the current/entitled nurses’ salary in order to retain them.   

Use 2 references explaining why raising employees’ salaries to market level is important 

· Note there are a total of 1500 current nurses

· Explain how the company should implement the raised salary incentive for staying with the company. -Based on this case should the raise be immediate or overtime?

· Explain how the company should announce to current employees using information justice why they are receiving pay raises.

No more than 2 pages to complete assignment. Remember to use 2 references. 

Complete and submit assignment by 7:00pm Tuesday 

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