PHC 362 SEU Workplace Health Promotion Discussion

ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET Course name: Workplace Health Promotion Course number: PHC 362 CRN: Paper Assignment Assignment title or task: (You can write a question) Briefly, explain the incentives in the workplaces that helps workers to adopt healthy behavior Student Name: Student ID: Submission Date: Instructor name: Grade: Out of 10 Instructions for submission: • • • • • • Assignment must be submitted with properly filled cover sheet (Name, ID, CRN, Submission date) in word document, Pdf is not accepted. Word count should be 25 to 500 words. Text size 12-Times New Roman only. Mention the References in APA format. Avoid Plagiarism, “Don’t copy and Paste from Internet, Book or student assignment”. Due Date: 6 November 2022

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