nurs 8002c blog: learning online

Have you ever read an online blog? If so, what was the aim of the blog? What did you like or did not like about the blog?

In this course, you will engage in a series of Blog Assignments with your colleagues. Blogs help to facilitate a meaningful and somewhat informal classroom environment that fosters dialogue, interaction, and the dissemination of ideas in a functional platform (Kuo et al., 2017). Blogs also serve as way to promote a community and collaborate learning approach through the sharing of ideas. Although they may function like a Discussion Board, the aim is to be more open-ended in nature and somewhat informal in sharing your perspectives and thoughts on a given prompt or idea. 

For this first Blog Assignment, reflect on your experiences, either academically or professionally, in which you have employed a given strategy to allow for success that may transfer successfully toward learning online. Think about how this strategy may help to inform your overall approach toward completing an online doctorate degree.

nurs 8002c blog: learning online

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Reference: Kuo, Y.-C., Belland, B. R., & Kuo, Y.-T. (2017). Learning through blogging: Students’ perspectives in collaborative blog-enhanced learning communities. Educational Technology & Society, 20(2), 37–50.


nurs 8002c blog: learning online

Be sure to review the Learning Resources before completing this activity.
Click the weekly resources link to access the resources. 



  • Review the strategies and tips in the documents linked in this week’s Learning Resources, such as Plagiarism Prevention Resource Kit and Scholarly Voice: Overview, and those presented in “Writing at the Graduate Level.”
  • Review the Walden University CatalogField Experience: College of Nursing, and Programs: DNP Doctoral Project resources to review your program of study and requirements for the completion of the DNP.
  • Reflect on strategies you might use to ensure success in your program of study and for completion of your DNP degree requirements. For example, consider time management, organization, prioritization, and any other strategies that might be of considerable use in an academic or professional capacity.


Post a brief description of at least one strategy you have used in the past (academically or professionally) that was advantageous in empowering you in terms of one or more of the following skill sets: planning, time management, studying, and effective technology use. Then identify a strategy that you have not yet tried and explain how this strategy may be beneficial, given your strengths and any potential areas of improvement. Be specific and provide examples.

Read a selection of your colleagues’ responses.


Read a selection of your colleagues’ responses and respond to at least two of your colleagues on two different days by suggesting at least one additional strategy to your colleague not yet selected and explain how and/or why you think it will contribute to their success as an online doctoral student.

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