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StrengthsFinder Assessment

After reviewing my top five themes from the StrengthsFinder results, I believe I have the strengths and traits to be an effective leader. My top five themes are relator, harmony, achiever, responsibility, and intellection. Rath (2007) explains that these themes are more talents than strengths, but can be used to improve and strengthen that talent and learn to improve in other areas. Using my own StrengthsFinder results I will be able to use my current talents effectively and work on areas that could use improvement.

Two core values I would like to strengthen are communication and focus. Rath (2007) describes communication as being able to story tell and liven up conversation. I feel I could do better to be a person people want to listen to. Being stronger in focus would benefit me by setting more timelines and sticking to them. Focus is a core value I would like to improve both professionally and personally. Broome & Marshall (2021) explain that core values help guide us in action and behaviors and communication and focus are important.

Two of my strengths I would like to further strengthen are harmony and responsibility. Harmony involves a balance for me between wanting to avoid conflict and knowing when to speak up or out for the greater good. Yordy, Lambert, & Parker (2021) explain that we “must be able to recognize and respect the contributions each member of a team contributes for complete and safe patient care.” I think I do a good job of this as a leader, but there is always room to improve. My own sense of responsibility is a great strength, but it can also be to my own detriment if I put too much on my plate. Again, finding a balance is key to using the strengths I already possess.

Two characteristics I would like to strengthen are self-assurance and consistency. Autonomy and self-assurance are closely related. Lockwood et al. (2022) highlight how “stepping up” is important, and I can do that more readily if I have a strong self-assurance. Consistency is an area for me to improve because I tend to be more or less accepting of people and situations depending on my overall mood. Moods are not consistent and there is little room for consistency if I allow my behavior to be effected by my feelings.

I enjoyed discovering that my top five themes are relator, harmony, achiever, responsibility, and intellection. I was not surprised by any of these themes, but I would say I was surprised that relator was my top theme. I would have thought achiever and responsibility would fall to the top, but upon reading the analysis attached, it makes sense. I hope to use this tool to better strengthen the talents I have and grow in the areas I have to improve!

Jackie K


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