NRS 429 Topic 1 VARK Analysis Paper Assignment – Online Nursing Essays

NRS 429 Topic 1 VARK Analysis Paper Assignment

NRS 429 Topic 1 VARK Analysis Paper Assignment

A learning style is a technique or the preferred way in which learners absorb, process, comprehend, and retain knowledge. There are various learning styles which are categorized based on the sensible approaches, which are either visual, auditory, read or write, and kinesthetic. The learning styles are found within the VARK model of students learning. VARK is an acronym for the four primary learning styles Visual, Auditory, Read and Write and Kinesthetic (VARK, 2019). The VARK model recognizes that learners have various approaches on how they process information, typically known as the preferred leaning mode. This essay will discuss learning styles for learners and will include a description of my learning style based on the VARK questionnaire. The paper will also explore the importance of educators identifying learners’ learning styles and application of learning styles in health promotion.

Personal Learning Style According to the VARK Questionnaire

My learning style as per the VARK questionnaire is Very Strong Kinesthetic. The VARK questionnaire results were Visual-2, Aural-2, Read/Write- 2, and Kinesthetic-12. The Kinesthetic learning style is defined as one where a learner understands effectively by using experiences and real things even though they are exhibited as images or on screens (VARK, 2019). In the Kinesthetic learning style, I prefer to encounter several experiences to promote understanding of concepts. Furthermore, ideas become valuable if they seem practical, real, and relevant to me, and I need to do something to understand it.

Preferred Learning Strategies

The Kinesthetic learning style preference uses experiences and real things when they are presented in images and on screens. The preferred learning strategies in the Kinesthetic learning style include the use of autobiographies and documentaries, applications before learning theories, and the use of demonstrations and applying what one has learned (VARK, 2019). Individuals with kinesthetic preference prefer discussing real things in their life, prefer having their own experiences, doing thing things with others and making things happen through actions (VARK, 2019). In addition, they prefer tackling practical problems and using problem-solving techniques, they complete tasks and prefer outcomes that can be measured (VARK, 2019). Besides, they prefer being part of the team, being appreciated for their experiences and prefer interacting with individuals who apply their ideas as well as individuals who are relevant, concrete, and down-to-earth.

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My preferred learning strategies are similar to a majority of the preferred learning strategies for the Kinesthetic learning style. For instance, I prefer learning to solve problems using real-life case scenarios and practical experiences since I understand things better and also retain the learned information for a more extended period. I understand concepts better when I learn them practically, such as through projects and lab practical. I prefer having a trainer who explains concepts using real-life scenarios, uses demonstrations to explain a theory, and allows me to apply theory in a real-life setting. When studying, I use case studies whereby I attempt solving the case scenarios to gauge my understanding of a concept. By using case studies and theory application, I can relate the information learned and find the information valuable and relevant.…paper-assignment/ ‎