NR 351 Week 2 Assignment: Scavenger Hunt Quiz

NR351 W2 Scavenger Hunt Assignment Notes Page 

You may use this Notes Page as you navigate through NR351 for this assignment. This Notes Page will NOT be submitted as part of this assignment.  Record all answers in the Week 2 Scavenger Hunt Assignment.

  1. Type your instructor’s contact information below:  
  2. First and last name: 
  3. Phone number: 
  4. Email address: 
  • Where are the announcements in NR351? 
  • In the syllabus 
  • Tab on the left side of course pages 
  • In the Modules 
  • There are no announcements in NR351 
  • What textbooks are required for NR351? 
  • APA Manual and Masters textbook 
  • APA Manual and Weber & Kelly textbook 
  • Masters textbook and Weber & Kelly textbook 
  • There are no textbooks for NR351 
  • Where are the links to the Meet & Greet webinar and recording found in NR351? 
  • In the syllabus 
  • In an announcement 
  • In the Week 1 Module 
  • In the Grades area 
  • On the Modules page, where is the Integrity Matters Module located?
  • Syllabus 
  • Top of the Modules page 
  • Week 1 Module 
  • Scavenger Hunt assignment page 
  • Where is the Course Navigation located?
  • In the Week 1 Module 
  • In the syllabus 
  • There is no Course Navigation video 
  • In the Start Here area 

7. How do you find the Webliography?

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  1. Click on Modules, then Textbooks and Resources
  2. Click on the Webliography link in the assigned readings or in Program Resources
  3. Click on the Resources tab, then click on the Library link
  4. Click on the Webliography link in the Announcements section
  • Where do you find the permalink to access the Weeks 4 and 6 Assigned Article?
  • Weeks 4 and 6 modules
  • Week 4 Assigned Readings page
  • In the announcement entitled IMPORTANT: Assigned Article for Weeks 4 & 6 Assignment
  • Resources tab
  • What is the key word from the Meet & Greet webinar from this current session?  


  1. Type a question here for your instructor that would help you to better understand NR351. Your instructor will answer your question in Assignment Comments. 



The purpose of this assignment is for learners to locate items in NR351 for use in professionalism and academic development.

Course Outcome

This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcome: 

  • CO 4: Apply concepts of ethics and professionalism to nursing practice, nursing roles, and academic development. (POs 5, 6)

Due Date

Sunday end of Week 2, 11:59 p.m. MT.


This assignment is worth a total of 200 points.

Late Assignment Policy

If the assignment is not submitted by due date, a late deduction will be applied.


  1. Carefully read these directions.
  2. Download the required Notes Page below. You may use this Notes Page to record your answers as you find each item location in NR351. You will not submit the Notes Page.
  3. Work on the Scavenger Hunt Assignment during Weeks 1 and 2. Don’t wait until the last few days before the due date to begin your work!
  4. Review the entire NR351 course to locate the answers to the assigned items.
  5. View the Meet & Greet recording (in NR351 Announcements) if you did not attend the live session or you wish to review.
  6. When you have located all the items for the Scavenger Hunt Assignment, click the Take the Quiz button at the bottom of this page to record your answers. When completed, you will click Submit Quiz at the bottom of that page.
  7. Your instructor will review your answers, score the items, and provide feedback. After scoring is completed, you may see your instructor’s comments in the Grades area.

Notes Page

Scavenger Hunt Assignment Notes Page [LINK]

Links to an external site.

Best Practices

  • Please use your browser’s File setting to save or print this page.
  • Use the notes page provided as these are the questions in the Scavenger Hunt.
  • Contact your instructor with any questions.

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