Maladaptive and grief questions

Plagiarism Free, APA is required write each questions for the Maladaptive and coping skills essay and for Major concepts in grief short questions. Part 1 and 2 on separate paper include each one with three scholarly and part 2 three scholarly journal articles references. Need back by July 31, 2017 @ 6pm central times
Part 1 Maladaptive and Coping Skills Essay
Write 850 word essay addressing the questions below include three scholarly references to support your responses.
Jennifer’s father died four years ago. She was considered “daddy’s girl”. Her mother was in her 60s when the death occurred and lived near Jennifer. The mother was in good health, had numerous friends and was active in her church. Jennifer felt the need to spend more time with her mother and proceeded to spend less time with her husband. Her husband felt neglected but thought that it was important for Jennifer to be with her mother during this time of grief. The months wore on and Jennifer continued to spend more and more time with her mother even though her mother encouraged her to do more with her husband.
Essay Prompts
What types of maladaptive coping skills is Jennifer expressing?
How does her husband’s and mother’s roles fit into her grieving?
What steps would a mental health professional need to take to help Jennifer become aware of her emotional state?
What types of normal adaptive skills does she need to resume?
Are there any other considerations a mental health professional should take into account?
Part 2
Major Concepts in Grief Short questions
Provide short answers of 120 words each for the following question/statements. Include three scholarly journal articles that support your responses.
Short Answer Questions
1. Identify and discuss two concepts on grief recovery and how they apply to a child who has experienced a loss.
2. Identify and discuss two concepts on grief recovery and how they apply to an individual impacted by suicide.
3. How might the involvement of a grief support group assist someone who has lost a child through miscarriage?
4. Identify and explain at least two of the phases of grief and grief resolution.

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