Making 2 graphs in (tableau software) about medical care database

This assignment has to be done from someone who is perfect in using Tableau software.

I have a Visualization Project about making 2 graphs on the tableau. Make 2 graphs from the database that will be provided on excel sheet. The database is about VA expenditures at the states.

I have attached 4 files which are for:

1-    Graphs instructions on pdf file

2-    Data information, descriptions, and link for the topic on word file.

3-    Example of making graphs and working on data or working on tableau

4-    The database sheets on excel which you are will connect it with the tableau.

As I mentioned, I just need 2 graphs.

On the world file, you will see 5 ideas about doing several kinds of graphs.

I would like from you to do these 2 kinds:

1-    State level expenditures: timeline 2000-2013 totals and how the increased & changed over time

2-    Map for the states by county with highest veteran rate. Comparing unique patient


Or if you understand the data more and you get a better idea for showing something different on the charts or graphs, that’s will be good. You can do something different.


After you finish the graphs, please give an information and descriptions about the chart to be able for me to understand what is going on this graph. Explain the chart on the same method that is on the example PowerPoint.


Thank you… 

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