Industrial/organizational psychology handout | Psychology homework help


Typical first-line supervisors are unaware of the long-term effectiveness of intrinsic motivation compared with extrinsic motivation.




Use elements of each of the four learning theories (and identify them) to develop an improved intrinsic motivational system for employees of a metal furniture manufacturing plant.




Develop a 3- to 5-page handout for first-line supervisors, explaining your improved intrinsic motivational system: how to implement it and why it will be more effective in the long term than extrinsic rewards.




Address the following in your handout:




  • Nontechnical explanation of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation with examples from the workplace

  • Research support for the relative effectiveness of intrinsic motivation compared with extrinsic motivation in the long term

  • Practical methods of implementing intrinsic motivation to build expertise in the workplace


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