Indigenous networking and collaboration | Education homework help

Task  Write a reflection paper on Shared Responsibility Agreements (SRAs). Discuss your views in relation to the impact SRAs might have on the collaboration, participation and partnership processes in your community. Refer to at least three of the recommended readings to support your analysis.  In your essay: i.e Instructions:  Organize your work coherently – ensure there is a logical flow of connected ideas within and between each paragraph.  In the introduction section, state clearly the points of the discussion/critique/analysis and references you will use as evidence for writing your paper. Write your points in sentence format, not in dot points.  Connect sentences with words like, however, or, on the other hand, or therefore to link ideas throughout each paragraph.  In the main body of your paper write a paragraph of at least 3 or 4 sentences around each point to articulate your understanding of the analysis.  Develop and sustain an argument – be precise about what you are writing – stick to answering the essay question. Be clear in your own thoughts about what it is that you are writing about.  Analysis – do not just describe what the authors are writing about – attempt to give a synthesis of the main points presented by the author.  Synthesis – show that you have thought about what you have read, and that you have started to develop your own ideas from the readings. Give your own considered opinion on what you have read and do not merely paraphrase or repeat what the authors have written.  In the conclusion, write a paragraph summary of the points you have written to wrap up the whole essay.     Presentation  Separate each paragraph with a one (1) line space between them.  Ensure that there is one half (1.5) space between lines in each paragraph.  Use CDU Harvard referencing style. Provide a separate reference list /bibliography page containing relevant reference details. 

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