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HCS 539 Week 5 Individual Assignment Public Relations Presentation Recent

Complete one of the following options:
Option A – Responding to the Public
Research a public relations scenario you recently heard in the news. This could be anything that required a hospital or health care facility or company to make a statement about their recent practices. Some examples include medical errors, such as the surgery of a wrong limb or organ; pharmaceutical issues, such as the Tylenol® crisis in 1982; or facility violence, such as shootings or baby snatching.
Create a 8- to 12-slide presentation that addresses the following:
Provide a brief overview of the scenario and answer the following questions:
How did the hospital or facility respond?
Why was it necessary for the facility to respond?
How did they promote the hospital’s view?
What was the outcome of the response?
Would you have done anything differently if you provided the facility’s public relations response
Option B – Public Relations Interview
Contact an individual working in health care public relations to set up a 30-minute interview regarding their role as a public relations professional.
Create an 8- to 12-slide presentation that summarizes your interview. Include the following:
Describe the organization and what products and services it provides to the public.
Identify the role of the person you interviewed.
Who does the person interact with externally and internally?
Does the organization have a formal PR plan? If so, what does it entail? If not, do they need a PR plan? What is their plan or process for promoting the organization if they do not have a formal PR plan?
What does his or her job entail? Does he or she address issues and problems or promote the facility? Does the role involve issue or disaster management?
What challenges does he or she face in public relations?
What did you learn from the interview? Do you have a different understanding of public relations in health care now?

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