Great gatsby chart my critical perspective:


Great Gatsby Chart

My critical perspective:









Myrtle Wilson

George Wilson


Social-economic class

Family have been prominent, well-to-do in this   middle-western city (p. 7)

“Family were enormously wealthy—even in college his   freedom with money was a matter for reproach” (p. 10)

Wife to George Wilson who ran a garage

Working class, ran a “garage—repairs, cars, bought and   sold” (p. 29)


What does honor mean to…?

Upright, don’t lie, cheat, steal, strength of character, upstanding   morals, dependable, respect, moral integrity, 

Claims to have been in 7th Infantry (p. 52).

Nick tells story of James Gatz (pp. 104 – 107). [personal   note, when did Gatsby go to WWI?]

(p. 158) tells Nick he was a captain; after the war goes   to Oxford

Does not attend Gatsby’s funeral—not even a “message or   flowers” (p. 183)

May have cheated at golf. Nick remembered a story that   suggested Jordan may have moved her ball from a bad lie (p. 62) 


How does… demonstrate honor?


What does morality mean to…?

“Tom’s got a woman in New York” (p. 19


How does… demonstrate morality?


What does success mean to…?


How does… demonstrate success?


What does greed mean to…?


What does happiness mean to…?


How does… demonstrate his/her happiness?


What does pleasure mean to…?


What love means to…?


How does… demonstrate love?


What does integrity mean to…?


How does… demonstrate integrity?


How does … define the institution of marriage


What does the concept of womanhood mean to…?


How does… marginalize others?


How does… demonstrate class behavior?


What do other characters say about…?


What are… most positive character traits?


What are… character flaws?


How does… define trust?


How does… demonstrate trust?


How does… define faith?


How does… demonstrate faith?


How does… define strength of character or courage?


How does… demonstrate her/his strength of character or   courage?

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