Describe the nurse’s role and responsibility as health educator NRS 429

Describe the nurse’s role and responsibility as health educator NRS 429

Prime patient education moments arise any time a patient comes to you with their questions. This can look many different ways. Sometimes the patient will ask the question and seek clarification directly. Sometimes, this will look like multiple Emergency Room visits and Hospital Admissions. The professional Registered Nurse is tasked with looking at the “Big Picture” and not just educating in the moment.

Changes in patient’s conditions can be subtle. They require a thorough review of the electronic medical record, so that trends can be discovered. Tracking the trends is the next level of nursing care. This is how we gather evidence-based data and interpret that data in order to improve patient outcomes.

A real-world example of tracking data and utilizing the data is the case of a patient with CHF. The patient has been taught to weigh himself daily. He does this faithfully and without fail. He writes down the data and records it for the doctor. An issue arises when the patient gains 3 pounds in one day. He has shortness of breath and brushes it off. He continues to drink as much fluid as he wants, and he is beginning to third-space, or have bilateral lower extremity edema. He still does not call his Cardiologist or PCP. Later in the evening, he begins to worry that he has Covid-19 because he can barely breathe. He is in fluid volume overload the next morning, and he has gained a total of 7 lbs. this week. His BNP is elevated. Covid-19 is negative. He cannot understand how this could have happened, because he took all of his medications this week.

This is an opportunity to re-educate the patient. He is doing what he is supposed to do, but he does not understand the big picture. He does not fully understand FVO-Fluid Volume Overload. This is the time that the Registered Nurse can explain that is so good that he is obtaining his weight at the same time each day on the same scale. However, the teachable moment lies in aiding the patient in understand how to interpret the data. Teaching the patient what to do when he takes his weight and finds that it is greater than two pounds is critical. Having a protocol in place and someone to manage his care, such as the PCP or Cardiologist, is also a critical piece of this puzzle. The RN can also assist the patient in getting connected to follow-up care.

Oluchi Osueke

Sep 28, 2022, 8:36 PM

Promoting high-quality nurse education relies heavily on nurse educators. A nurse educator has so many roles which may include but not limited to advisors, collaborators, clinical tutors for nursing students or new grads, and advocates for patients. Nurse educators serve as role models of effective patient-centered care, and in sharing their expertise and offering support, they enable new nurses to become competent practitioners. They are a great source of information for nurses who conduct clinical research, answer questions, and ensure that patients receive the necessary care that they need. As they assist and direct nurses through times of transition, nurse educators set an example for others to follow. They serve with professionalism and ethical conviction, inspiring their team to do the same. Nurse educators are accountable for fostering a team that works well together and communicates effectively, thereby enhancing patient care.

Every patient is unique and so should their care plans be. In other to provide the best possible care for a patient, it’s important to know what care to provide and how. Hence, individualized care plans with measurable goals. Behavioral objectives are important in learning and teaching because it guides the educator on the type of instructions to provide, it causes careful thinking about what is to be accomplished through instruction and it strengthens relationship between the educator and the learner.


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