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Case Scenario 1: Your client is a 40 year old female. She is 62 inches tall and weighs 165 pounds. She’s had 3 Cesarean sections, and complains of low back pain. She takes Zoloft for depression. She has not exercised regularly in 5 years.

Case Scenario 2: Your client is a 55 year old male. He is 72 inches tall and weighs 170 lbs. He recently underwent angioplasty and had a stent placed in one of his coronary arteries. He is currently taking beta-blockers and a statin drug. 2 years ago, he underwent rotator cuff surgery to repair a partially torn supraspinatus

Group and Personal Training Lab EXSC 3617 Case Scenario Worksheet General Impression Assessments Correctives Programmatic Considerations Reiterate some of the client’s main issues. Think about weight, body composition, strength, mobility, or cardiovascular issues. What validated fitness assessments are relevant to the client’s goal? List at least 5 corrective movements based on the client’s musculoskeletal issues. Based on all the previous categories, give an overview of the emphasis of the program. Think about this holistically. You don’t want to just assess areas where the client has serious issues. You have to think about the movement deficiencies that are created from the client’s injuries. What assessment for all fitness components would you use? Discussion Discussion Discussion Discussion What are the implications of the issues your client is presenting with? Discuss why you chose the assessment outlined above. Discuss why you chose the correctives outlined above. Detail special considerations regarding the client’s program. Discuss the most obvious issues and some less obvious issues that may need consideration. What are the future health risks? How will you need to approach this client’s health and fitness needs given their current status? This requires an understanding of how certain health problems affect multiple aspects of fitness. Reference *Must be from an article outlining exercises for spinal fusions

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