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1.Prialt is a medication, derived from snake venom, that can be administered for relief from chronic pain. A patient has been prescribed a dose of 3.9 micrograms per day. A nurse accidentally administers a dosage of 3.9 ng/hr over a period of 11.0 hours. 1. Calculate the amount of Prialt, in micrograms, that this patient received. 2. Write out the work for this calculation on a piece of paper. 3. Also on the piece of paper, describe what you think is likely to happen to the patient as the result of this dosage 2. use molecular-level drawings to illustrate and explain the difference between an mixture of hydrogen and oxygen and a compound made from hydrogen and oxygen. Use labels as needed to make your drawings clear. 3 Monicaium (Q) is an element in Group 5A. It has an electronegativity of 2.3. Its molar mass is 21.55 g/mol. Draw Lewis structures for QH3 and Q2H2 and use them to answer the following questions in your video. 1. What is the electron geometry (shape) around Q in each molecule? 2. What is the polarity of the Q-H bond (polar vs nonpolar)? How did you determine this? 3. Which molecule, QH3 or Q2H2, is expected to have a higher boiling point? Support your answer using the concept of intermolecular forces. 4. The compounds Assanium xoride and elementium dudide react according to the following equation: 4.Element masses: Element Molar Mass (g/mol) A 26.93 D E X 63.99 31.22 40.32 O is oxygen. Calculate the mass (in g) of E 2(XO3)3 that could be produced by the reaction of 2.51 g of A 2XO3 and 6.55 g of EDO2. Show all work. 5. Write an equation (using full nuclide symbols) showing plutonium242 undergoing beta decay. 2. Monica, if you had 5 layers of plastic shielding between you and the decaying plutonium, would you be concerned about your radiation exposure? Explain.

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