assignment is to write a memo.

Paper Directions
1) For this assignment, you will be writing a memo. The length is one page double spaced (minimum) – 1 ½ double spaced pages (maximum). The memo will use an article as the basis of the work, as research. This memo should be organized into 3–4 paragraphs.
2) Use the article from below and read it.
To the local school board about school lunches or some other issue
“Better School Lunches Should Taste Better Too”

3) Type your work on the 2016 Memo Template. Do not use any other template. My template is preformatted with page numbers, headers, 12 point Times New Roman font, and double spaced.
4) Choose a professional audience, not a personal one. You may write to a business audience in the company you currently work for. Or you may write as if you are working as a consultant for a business, non-profit, or charity, and write to an appropriate audience within that organization. Be sure you have only one audience. For example, you may write to the school board, but not to the school board + the teachers.
5) Begin with a memo format. Be sure to use your name, but say “who” you are. Are you a parent writing to the school board? The head of IT writing to the boss? A firefighter writing to the chief?
Follow the memo format with a salutation. Example:
Chief Gonzales,
6) In the first paragraph, tell your audience the title and author of the article you will be discussing.
7) At the end of the first paragraph, have a clear thesis statement. For a memo, the thesis is the reason or purpose that you are writing this to your audience.
Having your purpose in the subject line (Re:) is not sufficient. It must be in the first paragraph also.
8) In the second paragraph, discuss the problem and the article you have chosen, and explain how the information contained within the article is relevant to a specific issue or problem the company is currently facing.
9) In the last paragraph, make a recommendation for what your audience should do with this information.
10) You must include APA formatted in text citations and references. You will be using the article you chose, so at minimum, you must give credit for that article. You may also use information from sources other than the original article that you use as the basis for your Executive Summary. Those will need to be documented also.
11) Be sure to use 12 point Times New Roman font, double space, and have standard margins. The template I emailed to you has the correct margins.
12) Only one file should be submitted. Everything must be in the same Memo Template.
Files: uj1mh4avb7.docx

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