Assignment 311-1

Assignment 311-1
Read two chapters 15 and 17 of the classic book on power “Prince” by Niccolo Machiavelli. It can be found at:
Machiavelli wrote the Prince (published in 1532) to advise princes about how to get, keep, and use political power. The book is still regarded as one of the most influential books on politics, especially on issues relating to political power.
In light of our class readings on power, write a 2-4 page essay comparing the textbook definitions of power (see especially week 1) with the notions expressed/ implicit in the excerpts from Machiavelli. How can you relate these notions to prevailing norms in contemporary society and politics? Do you think that any of any of the advice offered by Machiavelli can apply to modern day politicians? Why? Why not?

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