Answer 9 questions on business management in 3-4 sentences

  • Choose a firm with which you are familiar in your local business community. Is the firm successful in following one or more generic strategies? Why or why not? What do you think are some of the challenges it faces in implementing these strategies in an effective manner?

  • What were some of the largest mergers and acquisitions over the last two years? What was the rationale for these actions? Do you think they will be successful? Explain.

  • What are the four factors described in Porter’s diamond of national advantage? How do the four factors explain why some industries in a given country are more successful than others?

  • What does the term competitive dynamics mean?

  • McDonald’s corporation, the world’s largest fast food restaurant chain, with 2012 revenues of $28 billion, has recently been on a “roll.” Its shareholder value rose by over 50% from May 2010 to May 2013. Using the Internet or library sources, evaluate the quality of the corporation in terms of management, the board of directors, and shareholder activism. Are the issues you list favorable or unfavorable for sound corporate governance?

  • Select an organization that competes in an industry in which you are particularly interested. Go on the Internet and determine what type of organizational structure this organization has. In your view, is it consistent with the strategy that it has chosen to implement? Why or why not?

  • Identify two CEOs whose leadership you admire. What is it about their skills, attributes, and effective use of power that cause you to admire them?

  • Explain the difference between proactiveness and competitive aggressiveness in terms of achieving and sustaining competitive advantage.

  • Name the five steps involved in conducting a case analysis AND a short description, or example of each step.