A new campaign | Political Science homework help



After reading Chapter 7, review Case Activity: A New Campaign to Combat Heart Disease on page 134 of your text and answer the questions from the Writing Prompt section. Be specific to receive full credit.

Case Activity: A New Campaign to Combat Heart DiseaseThe American Heart Association (AHA) has been educating the public about heart disease for a number of years with great success, but has recently found that the level of awareness about how to prevent heart attacks has not increased in the past two years. A new communication campaign is needed to convey key messages through multiple platforms and channels. What strategies and tactics would you recommend, using this chapter as a guideline in terms of (1) tailoring messages to what is described as “passive” audiences, (2) how to make the message relatively simple and easy to understand, (3) reinforcing the message through social media, videos, and even events, and (4) using word-of-mouth—WOM—techniques. 

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